Lea Roman

Lea the Beauty Artist


Lea is a mom of a teenage daughter - enough said! We all know it's not easy to raise daughters today in a space of self love and appreciation for the beautiful people they are and gorgeous bodies they are born into! This is why she runs workshops for young girls and teens :) (we love this!)

Licensed Cosmetologist

Lea is a licensed cosmetologist and for a long time focused on helping women with just their outer beauty.  Realizing this was only a band-aid for her clients, she now uses a combination of beauty on the outside and authenticity on the inside to help empower women around the globe.

Workshop Leader

Lea's workshops are highly sought after - with topics like “Negative Self Talk: Bye B****!” - we understand why!!  Self-love is front and center at these events, along with a room full of beautiful ascending women!  We can't wait to to attend her next event!  


Empowering women has always been a passion of Lea’s. Obtaining her cosmetology license in 2010 left her wanting more. In 2012 she began formulating Peace, Love, Beauty workshops surrounding self esteem and beauty routines. Lea’s passion to inspire women grew even more as she discovered meditation in 2013. 

Mindful Soul & Beauty was created in 2017. Her program consists of empowering workshops such as “Cleaning House: How to Do a Life Audit”, “Balancing Act: How to Schedule Self-Care Into Your Life (and not feel guilty!)” , and “Negative Self Talk: Bye B****!”. 

Lea has workshops designed for young girls and teens too! She believes instilling self love and self care awareness in youth will help them thrive in life. "Powerful Little Ladies" is geared towards 5th & 6th Graders. "Pretty Powerful Ladies" is geared towards 7th & 8th Graders. 

"My job goes beyond hair & makeup. That's why I knew I had to create something to capture the magic of self love. Love awareness is on the rise! I love to bring awareness to Inner Beauty. It helps magnify Outer Beauty, creating LASTING BEAUTY!"

Lea's Summit Schedule

 December 29th:  Head to Toe Authentically YOU - How to change the labels we have given ourselves or allowed others to put upon us  - they are not who we are. Rewrite your story and become your truth!

Exclusive Offer From Lea

During this week long event Lea is offering an organic healing beauty bundle ($58 value) for $25! A recorded guided mediation and discounted coaching sessions :)


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