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The Art of Storytelling


Caroline was a journalist in London when a sudden psychic opening changed her life forever. After the awakening, she roamed the Financial Times newsroom like a ghost, depressed and wondering why she was there. She wanted to embrace a new spiritual life but didn't know how. She had a jet-setting career that had led her around the world, to newsrooms in Tokyo, as a travel writer through Asia, and finally to work as a journalist at some of the most respected papers in London. The awakening could not be ignored, and she had to find spiritual answers.

What followed was an entirely new life. She began channeling for people using tarot and found purpose as a writer and visual artist. Instead of reporting on other people, instead of trying to be the voice for the world's voiceless, she was being called to find her own creative voice. She began teaching fiction workshops for adults as a pathway to authentic creative expression. She started coaching writers one on one, using her new psychic opening not only to guide them on writing but to help them heal any wounds around their pure creative expression. Creativity is pure "God energy"; we are creators, bringing new forms to life. 

Caroline has also started a series of five novels (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether), a semiautobiographical look at her journey to awakening. Three of the novels are published and have gone on to win Independent Publisher's awards. Through her spiritual awakening, she has also blossomed as a visual artist - she believes we're meant to express the beauty of our souls, and she loves her role as a guide in helping people do this.


Caroline's Summit Schedule

 December 29th: Paving the Way to Your Authentic Creative Expression

Do you feel called to fully own your spiritual creative gifts, express them more, and share them with the world? This Masterclass with Caroline is a spiritual and practical look at owning ourselves as artists.  Listen in and figure out how to live this creative purpose daily, and express it into the world!

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During this week long event Caroline is giving every summit participant a huge discount on her one-on-one tarot and book coaching sessions to help you explore your own creative talents and how to get them out into the world!


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