Jaimie Inman

Squared Away Feng Shui


Jaimie is a successful single mom, former U.S. Army officer, and certified Feng Shui consultant, who now coaches and consults with clients. She uses her years of organizing and leadership to help others who feel their lives, careers, and homes are out of control. Because of that unique combination, she applies these principles of feng shui with a military sensibility and civilian practicality to square away their lives.

For her, your path to success can be as simple as some of the basics of being in the military, like making a bed, tidying the bathroom, and creating order in your surroundings to make your life easier, more prosperous, and happier. Big accomplishments can be made with small things that add up to performing well and creating a life that is squared away. And Jaimie wants to share what she’s learned – and what she lives – to help you and your family function better, be more successful and productive.

Jaimie's Summit Schedule

December 30th: Feng Shui - Your New Love Magnet!?

Listen to Jaimie's fascinating masterclass which includes: a brief history of feng shui, how the elements and yin and yang work, and the importance of directional information.  She will then talk about the juicy stuff!  Feng Shui to increase self-love, family & friend love, and yes -  Feng Shui to increase romantic love! Cupid Out - Jaimie In! 

Exclusive Offer From Jaimie

During this week long event Jaimie is offering all participants a a huge discount on her New Year report! A personalized Feng Shui guide for you, your family, home and relationships in 2020.


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