Susan Draffan

Collaborating with the Nature Kingdom for self-healing, guidance, and evolution.


Susan discovered the world of flower essences when she was seeking a holistic and gentle, yet effective, way to help one of her beloved cats to overcome his fears. The effects were so transformative for him that she was inspired to learn all she could about plant essences. Her exploration brought her full circle in her own life, by offering a portal back into the magical world of Nature she had enjoyed in childhood and illuminating her true self and purpose. 

Susan is now a sought after expert on flower and plant essences and their healing properties.  Some of the many topics her students enjoy are: learning about Nature from the macrocosm to microcosm,  Gaia as our planetary Star on an evolutionary path,  Earth as Winter season element, Meditation & Transmission with Redwood Tree Spirits, Flower Essences as a modality, as well the what, how, why of using essences for self-care, self-healing, inner guidance, and empowerment.

Susan's Summit Schedule

 December 28th: Collaborating with the Nature Kingdom 

Listen in while Susan shares basic concepts and inspiration about collaborating with the Nature Kingdom for self-healing, guidance, and evolution. She will provide a basic understanding of flower essences as a healing modality for our mind-body-spirit-soul complex, and discuss specific essences relevant to the themes of self-reflection, realignment, regeneration, self-care,  and personal empowerment for 2020 and the next decade.

Exclusive Offer From Susan

During this week long event Susan Susan will be giving away a chapter she wrote for a book entitled "Essential Healing for Your Spirit and Soul", which details her personal journey from soul darkness into the light of the living world through the healing power of Nature. She will also offer 2 proprietary, Summit inspired essence blends: One for Deepening & One for Empowerment. Available only to Summit participants from January 6 - January 15. Special price: $55 for two 2 oz bottles - enough to carry you abundantly through the winter season! Lastly participants can get a personal phone session with Susan to help identify your constitutional flower and receive a transmission of its healing powers. After the session, she will send you a bottle of its essence so you can anchor and embody its vibrational wisdom. Special price: $111. Limited to 10 Summit participants.


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