My name is Crystal and I'm the Founder of The Psychic Soul + Mooniverse. I'm a Meditation Guide, Psychic + Metaphysical Teacher and Intuitive.  Have fun exploring the site! 

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About The Psychic Soul

 The Psychic Soul is a collection of resources. You can find private psychic sessions, intuitive counseling, memberships and individual psychic development, metaphysical & meditation courses.  A range of topics including:

 Learning the ways of The Universe through Meditation & Metaphyiscs - Basics of Energy - Mastering Your Energetic Field - Awakening Your Psychic Abilities - Discovering Your Divinity - Chakras - Aura - Soul Contracts - Akashic Records - The Astral Planes - Energy Protection - Spirit Guides - Healing Guides - Karma - Deprogramming - Spiritual Freedom - and so much more as we expand

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Join our Student Course + Community of Psychic + Metaphysical Development. A 24 module transformative program. Lectures, meditations + practice psychic labs.

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Intuitive Reading + Healing, Mentor + Development sessions. Along with Crystal's Spiritual Team, she can assist in moving energy, gaining clarity + calmness.

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Join the Mooniverse Meditation Membership + I AM (SO HUM) the Mooniverse Community. Life is movement of energy, let's move + heal together. Together we are better.

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a #Wayshower Community

Welcome to The Psychic Soul! What's a Wayshower? Well, it's YOU! It's someone who shows you the way to the center of your heart energy. The way that resonates in your heart & not with your bankbook or your scorecard. The Divine way when maybe you are not too sure which way that is. We're here to guide you ❤️ Listen as Crystal talks about how we all are navigating life and talks about her work here at The Psychic Soul.


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"Crystal is kind and knowledgeable and I felt safe exchanging information with her. If you’re mildly curious, don’t hesitate. You will love her!"

Mom & Tarot Reader; IL

"Crystal comes from a space of pure love and generosity. The information you gain never fails to help you in your daily walk towards what you are intended to become. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking."

RN, Wellness Educator & Coach; NC

"I chose a reading via recording and it was so personable , I felt like I was sitting across from her . Crystal’s energy engages you like an old friend . She was sincere , compassionate and accurate . The healing portion gave me relief for almost two weeks! I can’t wait to work with her again . Thanks so much !"

Reiki Master; NC

"The universe has opened up to me, as I learn and grow, I look forward to each session and the teacher is AMAZING. Crystal has an amazing way of reading & teaching I am so thankful, this has truly changed my life and has brought so much healing!"

Psychic Reader & Healer; CO

"Crystal was a fantastic reader! Beautiful energy, very clear channel of source, felt so clear in my direction after the session. 10/10!! If you are guided to work with crystal do!"

DNA Activator, Healer & Mentor; UK

"Crystal is AMAZING!! I recently had a reading—our first time sharing space together. WOW! The information I received was SO very accurate and soul resonant. And her energy is JOY-full, supportive and graceful! Feeling SO much gratitude..."

LPC, Certified Yoga Teacher, LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner; PA

"I'm currently taking Crystal’s psychic development class as well as private one on one coaching sessions. I am very happy with the progress that I have been able to make with the help of Crystal's work."

DVM, Reiki Master, Psychic; CA

"Crystal is such beautiful light. I know that my higher-self lead me to her. She's not only a good reader but a wonderful healer too. She can bring light to every concern you have. My relationship with my husband had changed from day to night after my session with her. You're such a blessing, Crystal!"

Boutique Owner; CA

"Crystal is a gifted psychic reader and she has a huge heart and beautiful soul! I just love the classes that she teaches and I have been growing and learning a lot spiritually as well as emotionally. I'm very grateful she is part of my life now!"

Healing Alma, NV

"Crystal was very kind, patient, and had great energy! Her reading of my past life was quite parallel to the current one and I didn't speak with her prior to the reading only after."

Physicians Ass't & Lawyer; PA

"Crystal is a very talented and accurate healer and also an amazing teacher! I’ve had readings, my Akashic Record Guide Introduction and several other readings. I’ve learned so much and received amazing information for my spiritual growth. Highly recommend her!"

Occupational Therapist; AZ

"Crystal is an insightful clairvoyant. She resolved most of the problems I had been struggling in my life since my infancy. May god bless her!"

Lawyer; IN

"What an amazing reading I had with Crystal ! I was completely blown away from her accuracy . She is a joy to work with and is so down to earth. She gave me such deep insight and really helped me. I can’t wait to work with her again !"

Energy Healer; SC

"Simply one of the best Clairvoyant Healers and Teachers, I've seen! Crystal presents insightful information in ways clients can understand and implement in their daily lives. Get a Reading today!"

World Renowned Psychic; CA

"Crystal is an amazing psychic and teacher! I have had many personal readings and am currently enrolled in her psychic academy! She is thorough, she is professional, she is personable, she is caring and kind, and most importantly she is the real deal! Never disappointed!"

Retired & Mom to pigs, goats, cats, dogs & humans; CA

"I had a Spiritual introduction reading with Crystal. I have to admit I was blown away. I am a professional psychic medium myself so I am probably extremely critical but she was amazing. I enjoyed the reading so much. The nice thing is I received a personal meditation with the reading so I always have something to go back to. I look forward to my next one."

Psychic Medium & Author; NC

"Crystal has a gift and she is a natural teacher."

Intuitive Business Owner; VT

"I am not one who usually seeks out a spiritual reading, but my life is at a point where I needed some clarity and some answers for some things that have been weighing me down spiritually. I called on Crystal for help and I must say, I got more than I ever expected. Her reading was not only genuine and loving, it was so in touch with who I am. Crystal touched on things that she would have no way of knowing about me. It made me realize that these things that I have always known were there, but have ignored, were really the culprit to my problems and that there is a whole different approach I should be taking to help make my life more in harmony with the earth and the people in my life. I tend to hold onto things and I now realize this practice is toxic and clouds my happiness, preventing me from moving forward to heal. I would recommend Crystal to anyone who is seeking a happier, healthier existence. She is so clear and so in tune with the universe. Crystal is positive and has a kind and gentle nature about her that instantly makes you feel calm and connected. This was a life changing experience for me."

French Bulldog Mom; CA

"I absolutely loved my reading with Crystal. She is a truly gifted psychic and is so grounded, real and funny that it felt like I was talking with an old friend. She gave me specific, actionable advice and I could feel her authenticity through the phone. I've since signed up for her newsletter and YouTube channel and continue to receive great value. I recommend Crystal whole-heartedly!"

CEO & Founder of Shift Bars; CA

"Crystal is truly gifted! Her services have made an incredible positive impact on my life; she has taught me so much! I am so appreciative of her services and will be a client for life! She is professional, prompt and always a pleasure to work with! I recommend her to everyone!"

US Army Corps of Engineers; TX

"Crystal is an amazingly intuitive psychic and healer. I enjoy her readings greatly, she is positively insightful. As a teacher, she is even better!! I am completely absorbed into her lessons, emerging lighter and brighter. Thank you Crystal!"

Business Owner, NY

"Wow is really the only word that comes to mind. I got ten times what I expected. What a genuinely kind and authentic soul. The information provided in my reading was very helpful and insightful. I would definitely recommend Crystal if anyone needed a little direction, healing,Insight, guide connection and so much more."

Serenity Souls; Albany, Canada

"Crystal has been a blessing in my life. She is very gifted and accurate. Also a positive and encouraging person to be around. Simply a delight to work with. I highly recommend her."

Sales; CA

"Crystal is a gifted being who offers a unique gift of insight and spiritual healing. She is a supportive teacher who I call friend. Thanks for all you have given to "Charity""

Charity; OR
Singer, Cooking for Wellness; OR

"Crystal is an amazing clairvoyant and intuitive. I was in a class where Crystal gave each student a past life reading and she blew me away with her reading for me. She picked up on my past life as an Englishman who loved books and who could make what he wrote come alive. I have always been a collector of books and feel best when I am deep into a good book. At the time of the reading, it blew me away that I was just at that time starting to write my intention each day following the laws of attraction to literally make what I wrote come alive. This was amazing! She is not only a very gifted reader but is a great teacher too!"

Tarot, Psychic, Healer, Coach; SD

"Crystal is a true beacon of light and I am so grateful to have been blessed by her reading and services. She is a genuine healer. I will definitely call upon her again!"

Yoga Studio Owner & Teacher; CA

"Legit. This is the descriptive word I'd want to read if researching a physic. But to only label Crystal as legitimate, is not enough. It would diminish her role and box her in. She's much more than that. Crystal sees the past, predicts the future, and heals. She's a genuine, intuitive person who I'd trust my soul with. For my reading, I asked Crystal a career-related question and only gave her a bit of background. Success in my profession requires a series of somewhat esoteric steps. The average person usually doesn't know the details. I was half expecting a general reply or reading in return. What I got instead were specific predictions. Crystal kept saying that she wasn't sure if what she was saying made sense because she personally doesn't know the field, but it's what she was being told by her guide. Well, guess what? It made perfect sense. It was amazing! I got goose bumps!! I would absolutely recommend Crystal's services. She's the real thing for sure. I'm even gifting some of my friends with a reading by her. Try Crystal out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Author & English Professor; Maui, HI

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