Hi #Wayshower! Meet Joanna

Spiritual Teacher. Enlightenment Coach. Personal Trainer.

Hi #Wayshower! Meet Joanna

Spiritual Teacher. Enlightenment Coach. Personal Trainer.

Joanna Stevens

"From an early childhood I felt, heard & saw the world through a different lens, with a very deep intuition & understanding that there was more beauty & meaning to this world than others seemed to believe. Now as a current Enlightenment Coach and Personal Trainer, I have a passion for assisting souls in finding their own internal power & source of light that has always been within them. This process can be unique to each individual, based on various meditation techniques, guided imagery, and/or movement exercises. Once found, I help individuals expand their light within & around them, ending with a remembrance & techniques for never looking away from their light again. 

I Show others how to shift out of the duality consciousness of the brain & anchor into the unity consciousness of the heart. I shed a natural, neutral & higher-vibrating light on all situations that is unique to each individual, allowing fresh, exciting & new perspectives to come to the surface."

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Joanna Steven's Talk & Activation

Joanna is going to speak of how we all have our free-will to work with through this ascension process. How we can either utilize the light & power within us or we can choose to work against the natural remembrance & push against the laws of nature & the natural process that our bodies are asking us to go through. She's going to speak of how she found her light within and in doing so; stepped into a pure joy & blissful state of being in which we all have access to. 

For Joanna's activation segment, she’s going to guide us to begin with a meditation to find/access the light within us. Moving into physical movement exercises to align & harmonize energies around the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual light body. Including breath work. Closing with a meditation for expanding & anchoring our light into our every day activities. 

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A word from your Host's

 We meet with Joanna of Joanna Stevens Enlightenment. What we love about Joanna is she brings a fresh & scientific approach to heart & brain consciousness. Utilizing this information she anchors it into our physical, emotional, mental & subtle bodies. Simply being in her presence activates a light within us! We hope you discover the same!

-Sabrina & Crystal

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