Hi #Wayshower! Meet Kim

Co-owner of 'Into the Blu'  light & sound frequency for personal well-being.

Hi #Wayshower! Meet Kim

Co-owner of 'Into the Blu'  light & sound frequency for personal well-being

Kim Anderson

"Ever since I was a young child, I have always had the belief that there is more to life than our day to day world.  I knew things were going to happen before they did & I could feel the presence of Spirit around me. As I got older I had a life altering experience which drove me to read spiritual books, join a Spiritual church where I learned how to see Spirit, give readings & healings. I believe that our soul never dies.

When my sister-in-law talked to me about opening up a light & sound therapy business I knew this was where I had been guided & jumped in with both feet! In August 2019 we opened up ‘Into The Blu’– the future of medicine! A frequency business, a business that works at the cellular level. The secret is this medicine works so much better with an intention. 

I truly believe that we create our life, whether we live in the lap of luxury, have a healthy body, spend every day with a soulmate or feeling supported by a ‘tribe’. I love the work we do & we do it all with intention, whether we realize it or not!"

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Kim's Talk & Activation

Kim is going to speak of how we are all powerful Beings yet we are quick to give our power to someone else to make decisions for us. When we are faced with a decision or an 'inner knowing' that something is about to change, she will speak of how to acknowledge your power and spend some time thinking about what it is you want or why The Universe is offering up this anticipated change! Stepping into your power. She's also going to speak of what a 'wrong decision' actually may be. 

For Kim’s activation segment, she'll guide us to increase our frequency by balancing our chakra system. Next, she'll take us on a journey to connect with the creative sparks in life while enabling a multitude of positive beliefs.

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A word from your Host's

 We meet with Kim Anderson of Into the BluWhat we love about Kim is her belief system for a new way of modern medicine. Her passion and creativity in bringing forward frequency medicine is infectious to us and we hope you feel the same inspiring energy!

-Sabrina & Crystal

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