Let us introduce you to our founder, and all the individuals (both 2 and 4 legged) that make this community work!

Crystal Heinemann

Psychic, Teacher and Founder of The Psychic Soul

I grew up as a beach girl in Ventura, California.  I was lucky to be raised by young parents that loved exploring spiritual & freedom movements; where Yogananda and Ram Das were common household names and gurus.

Through my 20's and early 30's, I took a journey through the dark night of the soul which taught me to navigate life through the eyes of a wounded healer.  For this, I am most thankful for!  I would not be standing before you today, as a spiritual psychic healer and innovator had I not had difficult experiences.

I decided to start The Psychic Soul because I know there are thousands of light-workers out there experiencing their own hard lessons; and I wanted to provide a space for us all to come together and learn and heal and grow in a like-minded community of openness, gratitude, love and uplifting inspiration!  We rise!

Luna the Bulldog

Muse and Wise Soul; Micro-Manager 

Luna is my best friend and roommate. You can often find us cruising the beach or paddling the harbor. She’s an amazing companion and very wise.  Our story of how we were united or really how we were reunited is so beautiful.  We are the truest version of what souls reuniting lifetime after lifetime are.  She’s my little selkie mermaid. I thank her everyday for blessing me and enriching my life.  I am the best version of me because of her!

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