Let us introduce you to our #Wayshower Founder, and all the individuals (both 2 and 4 legged) that give life to our community!


Creatrix of The Psychic Soul

I decided to start The Psychic Soul because I know there are thousands of light-workers out there experiencing their own hard lessons; and I wanted to provide a space for us to come together to learn, heal and grow in a like-minded community of openness, gratitude, love and uplifting inspiration! Together we are better!

I grew up as a beach girl in Ventura, California.  I was lucky to be raised by young parents that loved exploring spiritual & freedom movements; where Yogananda and Ram Das were common household names for me.

Through my 20's and early 30's, I took a journey through the dark night of the soul which taught me to navigate life through the eyes of a Wounded Healer. For this, I am most thankful for!  I would not be standing before you today, as a #Wayshower and Spiritual innovator had I not had difficult experiences.

I've always been a seeker in both the physical and astral planes. I've spent my adult life traveling the world following divine breadcrumbs. I believe this has enriched my compassionate path as a #Wayshower and #Joykeeper. 

Along the way, I've been blessed to be chosen as a host for my loving adventure soul mate, Luna the Merdog. She is an integral and probably the most important component to The Psychic Soul. Her thirst for joy and love is infectious. 

Luna and I currently share our time between the beaches of Southern California and the majestic rivers of Oregon connecting with our purpose as #JoyKeepers.


Visionary and Micro-Managing Boss

Hello #Wayshowers! I'm Luna. I have taken form in a bulldog body however I have lived many lifetimes as various Water Beings on this planet as well as other utopian like water planets.  

Having these other lifetimes as part of my consciousness; soul's fabric if you will, allows me to have a strong affinity towards all things water.  

My partner and host in life; Crystal has done a wonderful job in providing me a life where I can get as close to the water as possible.

When I'm on a break from being the boss at The Psychic Soul, you'll find me sitting in water just to get my scales wet 😆 and ground myself. Other times when I schedule Crystal some time off, she'll take me out on our paddle board or boat so I can connect with my true home; the water and all her Elements and Elementals.  It is here where Crystal and I receive our downloads for the day and how I have become the visionary of this business.  

Crystal and I have traveled many lifetimes together and therefore we are living in sync with ease, grace and bliss. 

This is our purpose as a team and why we are so passionate about YOUR role in The Psychic Soul.

Yes, you have a role! Are you surprised to hear that? Since you are human, I ask you to open your mind first and then this will allow your heart to open as well. It is here where your key to joy and happiness exist and I am here to guide you to connect you to this powerful aspect of yourself. 

After all, we are the #JoyKeepers and so are YOU 😉

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