June New Moon Guided Meditation | 417 Hz | Set Intentions | Family +Ancestral Wound Healing

Jun 27, 2022

Happy June New Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers 🫶🏼

I’m grateful to meditate and the June New Moon! Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to ground, let go and manifest with the New Moon. Next, I’ll guide you on a journey of remembrance of when your soul felt free, wild and untethered. The background music is at 417 Hz frequency which will gently release any lower vibrations or what some call ‘negative’ from your energy field. 

The June New Moon is connected to the Water Element and the moon loves to be connected to water; especially in the astrological sign of Cancer, which this New Moon is in, in Western Tropical Astrology. This placement can stir up a lot of emotions within and around us, the days leading up to and after this new moon. It may be good energetic health to sit this meditation several times leading up to and after the June New Moon. Or any time you are feeling called to it. 

The June New Moon has a strong connection to our family life. Maybe blood family or our chosen family. It may bring up family drama or old family wounds that haven’t been tended to. Or you may feel the desire to be near your loved ones. To cozy in and nurture the love!

A ritual for this new moon would be to take count of how and where you are within your familial structure. Are you seen and heard? If not, I’m a believer in working the energy! Maybe writing down where you don’t feel seen or heard and then sending that piece of paper down a river, out with the tide in the ocean or releasing to Mother Earth in a lake. If you’re not near a body of water, improvise the play on water! Our family and ancestral wounds can manifest as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain and DIS-ease so we definitely want to let this go! The energy work within this meditation will also assist in moving this energy.

New moons guide us to go inwards, to self reflect and set intentions under the New Moon so we may restore, recharge and receive.  I guide you to nest within the moon’s curve, connect heart beats and set your new moon wishes. 

Black Moon Lilith is also highly active with the June New Moon. She is said to of been the first wife of Adam but cast off because she could not be tamed. Does this sound familiar with the recent politics against women’s choice within the US? We are all Lilith’s waiting to be accepted back into our own Eden’s. No longer banished or shamed for being wild and free. 

She represents the divine feminine aspect within all of us; she’s the forgotten expression within us that desires to be untethered, unbound and unapologetic. Maybe we have hidden these aspects due to having to fit into society or our families. It’s the part of us that does not want to conform to society’s  or our familial belief structures. The aspect within us that is yearning to run wild and free. Can you feel that?

Be well and take care of yourselves #Wayshowers 💫

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼- Crystal of ThePsychicSoul.com

Crystal is the Founder of The Psychic Soul and is a Meditation Guide, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor and Intuitive Healer.


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