May New Moon in Gemini | Body + Soul Alignment | Manifest

May 27, 2022

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Happy May New Moon #Wayshowers 🌚♊️ 👯‍♂️

New Moons guide us to go inwards and provide us the opportunity to reset and activate new chapters in aspects of our lives and the May New Moon is no exception.

More specifically, this May New Moon is guiding us to self reflect and reset our mental state of Being; with a particular focus on being mindful of our self worth, our self-talk and how we show up for ourselves and others. 

On a spiritual level, the May New Moon is realigning our Human; our mortal body with our Being; our immortal body. Which is represented by the Gemini Twins symbol.

All of this can be tiresome. Even though in the physical it may seem like we aren't doing anything or maybe 'lazy'; energetically the body + soul realignment takes up a lot of our time, energy and space.

Please gift yourself the space to reset your body + soul 'battery' by listening to your inner needs and preferences.

Reminding yourself that your preferences matter! If we bypass or 'gaslight' our own preferences, then what are we saying about ourselves? This is also a manifestation.

Under the New Moon, we can also ride the moon beam and activate our dreams and wishes!  Planting seeds of manifestation to activate New Moon Wishes.

Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release and let go with the lunar cycle and it’s astrology. Next, manifesting under a New Moon will supercharge the energy and intent behind your dreams and wishes.

I’ll provide time to visualize or think about what you’re wanting to manifest and then guide you to plant your manifestation seeds right within your heart and harness the cosmic energies, to activate them to be materialized and grow, here on Earth.

I’m grateful to meditate with you during this cosmic reset + body soul realignment ♊️🙏🏼💫

Be well and take care of yourselves #Wayshowers 💫

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼- Crystal of ThePsychicSoul.com

Crystal is the Founder of The Psychic Soul and is a Meditation Guide, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor and Intuitive Healer.

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