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October Newsletter 🍁✨🍂

Hello #Wayshowers 👋✨

Welcome to the Energetics of October 2020! The overall theme for October will be:

  • Tapping into your inner & outer 'Warrior Energy'
    • Continued tumultuous energy
  • The month will feel 'mountainous'
    • Some of you will feel as if there's many peaks and valleys throughout October
    • However, the view from the 'top' feels like a great accomplishment and it's important to honor these small or large moments
  • Division is starting to become more clear amongst the past 'muck' of 2020
    • The division between those who are ascending or 'climbing' and those who are choosing to stick to the 'low roads'
    • Understanding that either one isn't 'good' or 'bad' they're just the experience the individual (s) are wanting to partake in
    • The division will become more clear for you to 'choose' to remain in contact with frequencies that no longer match you (making you feel discomfort) or to let it/ them go
  • With 'division' energy swirling around, some of you may experience feelings of separation and loneliness
    • Understand that these feelings will come and go
    • Also, they are just an energy that you will move through and can let go (tapping into the theme of Warrior Energy again)
  • Starting to experience connections at a deeper level since you are starting to surround yourself with 'like' frequencies/ vibrational souls & experiences
  • Self discovery through more compassion
    • Compassionate thinking of, "if the table was turned..."
  • Very important to continue with your self care and healing process; however that looks like for you
    • Allowing for naps and good rest when you can as this regenerates you mind, body and soul
    • Also 'moving' energy through a physicality, meditation and/ or creative expression
  • Finally, stepping into the awareness that operating at a higher frequency which is love energy; you feel loved, respected and accepted for who you are 
    • This should feel 'good' on both receiving ends
    • If either side does not feel loved, respected or accepted, then what can YOU shift within that relationship or experience? Because we can only manage or control our part and not someone else's

We also will be experiencing two Full Moon's throughout the month of October. Our first happening today ✨🌝 October 1 at 2:06pm PDT and on Halloween, October 31 at 7:51am PDT. 

As we raise in frequency, our energetic field becomes much less dense. Lighter. With this, we are starting to become more connected to the cosmos. What this feels like on Earth, is we are more in touch with the lunar and astrological cycles. 

Every full moon is designed for us to release and let go of anything that is no longer serving us. Whether we are aware of it or not. Today's particular full moon may feel a little war like, stirring up some conflict and turmoil. Did anyone catch this week's presidential debate? This was a prime example of how this full moon is affecting us. 

As usual, I have created a Guided Full Moon Meditation to help you let go and to tap into your much need Warrior Energy. Essentially guiding you to pull on your armor so you can continue to push forward during these uncertain times. 

Lastly, If you're unsure about how to pull your energy in, how to protect your energy or even how to decipher your energy from others- I am offering three classes on energy for $19.99 for the month of September. These have never been offered outside of my psychic and metaphysical course. I wanted to provide you with useful tools to get you through these intense times! All of my students and me included have been saying how thankful we are that we have amazing energy tools to help us move through this energy. I do hope you take advantage of it!  

Click HERE to access Basics of Energy ✨

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼

-Crystal Heinemann - Founder & Creator


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