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August New Moon Guided Meditation 🌙


Please allow Crystal of The Psychic Soul to take you on a guided meditation journey during the August New Moon, 2020. This month's New Moon has the fiery energy of Leo and brings a reminder that no matter what happens in life and no matter how dark things may seem, the dependable Sun and your inner Sun will always rise again.

New Moon's symbolize new beginnings, new cycles, renewal, re-birth and transformation. You can utilize the powerful energy of a new moon to achieve new levels of manifestation, change & growth. You will be sure to be feeling all of this along with the completion of karmic cycles and deep ancestral lines.

The August New Moon is sending a message to not give up on yourself or your dreams. It will encourage you to make the best of the hand you have been dealt, and see what miracles and opportunities you can create during the powerful new beginning energy of the New Moon.

Of course, Crystal guides you through all of this by taking you on a journey of grounding, releasing and tapping into what you're wanting to create for this next lunar cycle, remainder of the year or forever. This is an easy and gentle guided meditation.

Enjoy and please share, like, comment and subscribe 👍 I LOVE YOU ALL! Each one of you have impacted my life! Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏


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