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The Most Common Types of Psychic Communication

Our psychic intuition is always communicating within us in the form of thoughts, memories, energy (colors) and information (pictures) and even smells, temperature shifts and tonal frequencies. Think about your daily life, what type of intuitive ability shows up the most for you?


Most common for Empaths and Sensitives. This is where you feel; whether emotionally or physically someone else's thoughts, emotions or experiences. Utilizing the 2nd (Sacral) Chakra. Being Clairsentient can often leave you feeling drained or energy whacked if left unmastered. 


Is the subtle perception that allows us to see energy (color) and information (pictures) utilizing our 6th Chakra or our 3rd Eye which connects to our Pineal Gland that contains photoreceptors.  It can be related to how our daydreams look or what we use to create images within our minds when we're reading a book or telling a story.


Is a psychic ability utilizing your 5th (Throat) Chakra that allows us to receive information from our Higher Selves and other 'Light Bodies' (Spirit Guides, Angels, crossed over loved one's) via hearing. It can be related to our inner voice or the voice within our heads.


Is when you receive an inner knowing about things (any concept, thought, or idea) utilizing your 7th (Crown) Chakra. The information you receive can come to you in a flash, out of nowhere and for whatever reason you just 'know'. It may feel like a download or a floating thought.



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