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Energetics of July 2020 ✨ Earthing 🌎 + Kindred EnergyπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ


Welcome to the Energetics of July 2020 ✨ Please watch the video above as Crystal Heinemann owner of The Psychic Soul taps into the energy and what to expect on a personal and collective level for this upcoming month.

First, we will experience our final of 3 eclipses with a lunar eclipse and a full moon on July 5, 2020, at 9:44PM PST. It's been an intense eclipse season and all big things come in the power of 3!  If you'd like to be notified of when my July Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Meditation πŸŒ•πŸ§˜‍♀️ is released, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel here. 

Whichever hemisphere you are currently in, July is really calling for us to dig our feet deeply into the soil; metaphorically or physically. This is to ground us, as most of us have been experiencing far too much pain and suffering over the last few months. It's been easier for us to 'ride' outside of our aura versus being grounded into our Earth bodies. This has been a coping mechanism. July reminds us that we are in fact Earthlings and it's time to come back home to our bodies.  You may find the desire to get out into nature, dig your feet into the soil and start to feel freer than you have felt in months just in this simple act. Even amongst the discomfort of having to wear a mask 😷

By donning your masks before others (play on my flight attendant days 😜) and getting outside to play; you're saying to the pain, suffering and depression energy still lingering; collectively or personally that you CHOOSE to release the addiction and cycle of feeling this way. Once you do, you are expressing your free will and show of strength because this isn't easy. It's going to feel like you're running with exercise bands around your waist at first. If you can push through the resistance and finally let these lower frequency energies go, which most likely aren't even yours- then you can awaken the Kindred Spirit within you that is starting to wake up from a very long hibernation. This isn't easy, my #Wayshower tribe ⭐️

July is also asking you to be your own best friend, mother, father, partner or child. It's a time to stop seeking healing outside of yourself but to come into the awareness that all of your healing (at least for July) is within you. It's not a time to project your need to heal parts of you or within relationships onto people who hold these roles in your life. You can do all of your healing within yourself.

Sending all of my ❀️ to you all!




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