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November Super New Moon 🌙


Happy New Super Moon #Wayshowers!

Please allow Crystal of The Psychic Soul to take you on a guided meditation journey during the November Super New Moon, 2020.

The November New Moon is the 3rd and final of Super New Moon’s that are happening in a row as we close out 2020. This trine of Super New Moons prepares us for a Total Solar New Moon Eclipse for our final New Moon of 2020 in December which will activate and open a portal to bright new beginnings and higher frequencies on December 21st to close out one of the most intense years of all time.

The November Super New Moon will have you wading into the depths of the water element with Scorpio energy. It’s going to be deeply emotional but also deeply healing.

Under the dark night of the November New Moon, we are being guided to sit with ourselves and all of our emotions. It is guiding us to finally let go of our deepest of fears to make room for more love, hope and manifesting your dreams into reality.

This is a New Moon in Scorpio and Scorpions have the ability to transform by shedding their skin. It may be uncomfortable to shed the skin that you have been wearing this past year or for a lifetime. However, once you shed, a beautiful new skin is created that is more suited for the new transformed you!

Under this New Moon, you hold the power to completely rebirth yourself, no matter what the past has been like for you. Crystal will guide your gently through every step of the way to achieve this activating healing energy that is being offered up during this time.

New Moon's symbolize new beginnings, new cycles, renewal, re-birth and transformation. You can utilize the powerful energy of a new moon to achieve new levels of manifestation, change & growth.

Crystal guides you through all of this by taking you on a journey of grounding, releasing and tapping into what you're wanting to create for this next lunar cycle, remainder of the year or forever through working and upgrading your energetic field; body, chakras and aura.

This is an easy and gentle guided meditation. Enjoy and please share, like, comment and subscribe 👍 Be well my #Wayshower Tribe 💫✌🏼

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏

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