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Energetics of January 2021 🥂 + 🌱

Happy New Year #Wayshowers 💫

I can't think of anyone who isn't excited to be stepping into 2021! 2020 was an extreme tumultuous year of growth, for all of us #Wayshowers. A memorable year but probably not for the reasons we would like to remember! 

As 2020 was closing, I took a deep dive into meditation and detoxing. Taking candle lit salt baths every night. Meditating. Connecting. Praying, to be quite honest. Cultivating. 

My Spirit Team woke me up at 4:44am on 1/1 with a clear message. 2021 is going to be about Unity. I asked my team, "How are we going to be able to unite when we are physically separate and apart?" 

The response I received came in many forms; I could feel, see, hear and know what they were trying to convey. That we are moving from a tangible world, into an intangible world. Hello Age of Aquarius! One of the many lessons or experiences we will move through in 2021 is moving from not only trusting the tangible world but growing into trusting and believing in the intangible world. 

The image that I was shown was a forest of trees 🌳. On the surface, trees look separate. As if they are individual trees. Apart. Alone. However, when we move our human awareness to 'below' the surface, there is an incredible communication and united highway of roots. Where each tree touches the collective. Feeds the collective. Supports the collective. Also nourishing and supporting other members of the Nature Kingdom. 

The example was given to show me that there is so much beyond our human eye of how we can come together and unite. It doesn't have to mean we unite in one conscious form of physical presence or companionship. We will unite in ways that we couldn't have perceived before. We will learn to unite in more 'intangible' forms. 

Our consciousness is expanding to accept these new forms. We used to think the speed of light was the fastest motion. As we expand, we will learn that it's truly the speed of thought. Which is intangible. 

As we learn that our speed of thought, is the fastest way to cultivate or move through our lives, the maybe scary or exciting concept is; depending on which way you flip the coin, is we are then capable of creating just about anything! 

What will you cultivate via the 'Speed of Thought' for 2021 and moving forward?

I love the idea of rituals. Setting intentions. However you like to do that. Maybe daydream journaling, vision boards, having conversations about what you want to create. Anything. It all works! Simply setting the intention via the Speed of Thought will set your cultivations in forward motion! Quicker than the Speed of Light!

Be Well My #Wayshower Tribe,


Crystal is a psychic healer, mentor, intuitive counselor, meditation, psychic & metaphysical development teacher and summit host for Mind Body Soulstice.



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